Sock Care Guide

To get the most use out of your socks, take good care of them.

We believe that Smoothound makes some of the best socks in the world and that you, as a customer, will appreciate them very much. Here are some tips on how to maintain them in the best possible shape so that they can continue to be useful for a very long time.

  • There are no "one size fits all" detergents, therefore it's crucial to use the right one.
  • There are several brands available, however we do not endorse any one in particular. 
  • Color-safe detergents should be used on our cotton socks to ensure that their color stays consistent for as long as feasible.
  • To maintain a spotless exterior, wash your socks inside out and at the lowest temperature feasible. 
  • To recondition the yarns and give them a little more softness and lubrication to allow for a little more stretch and comfort, rinse them in clean water and then treat them with a small amount of your favorite fabric softener. 


  • If you keep your socks in pairs, you'll never be caught with "odd socks," but excessive "balling up" or "folding over" will harm the fibers in the yarns and cause the rib-top to stretch more, which might cause the socks to wear out sooner.
  • It is advised to simply roll and fold matched socks before putting them in your sock drawer or the box we provide. Try to arrange your socks according to color; otherwise, fibers from one pair of dark socks may transfer to the next, resulting in unpleasant surface effects on both pairs.
  • Use cedar balls as a defense against clothing moths.

Careful Choice of Sock

  • Remember to get more than one pair of your favorite styles of socks if you have a favorite style. If a sock are dirty, you may always pair it with another pair of the same design.

Careful Choice of Footwear

  • The longevity of your socks depends on both the cautious selection of your socks and the careful and appropriate selection of footwear.